Austin Power Washing

Our trained and experienced cleaning technicians use the appropriate equipment, solutions and systems to ensure that we can provide the level of skill and care required to deliver an excellent clean. From walls to driveways, decks to gutters we clean it all.

Professional Power Washing

Have a look at our before and after pictures and you’ll see how our power washing can transform old to new, dirty to desirable.

Using our high powered washers and our special cleaning solutions our trained professionals achieve outstanding results.

DRIVEWAYS, DECKS, WALLS even ROOFS transform quickly under power washing

Why Hire a Professional?

Some homeowners buy pressure washers from home improvement stores and use them to wash cars and clean windows. Individuals who hire a YardDoc professional are often astounded by what a difference professional cleaning can make.

YardDoc’s Professional Services

If it’s dirty, YardDoc can clean it. Here are a few of the surfaces we can pressure wash so they look new again.

  • Decks – Every day your deck is subjected to temperature fluctuation, sun damage, harsh weather, and foot traffic. Over time, it ages. If your deck isn’t maintained, it can start to deteriorate, reducing your home’s value. Pressure washing strips away dirt, oil, and old stain so your decking looks brand new. Following up with a sealer / stain can extend the life of your surfaces and increase what your home is worth.
  • Walls – Your home’s exterior is exposed to the same elements as your deck. The assaulting elements include rain, vehicle exhaust, and animal waste. Rain can wash roof debris down siding to cause stains and discoloration. Mold and mildew can grow anywhere moisture lingers. Pressure washing removes discoloration and pollutants to refresh your home’s exterior.
  • Driveways – You may not have noticed time’s impact on your sidewalks and driveway. What used to be a bright white turns muddy gray. Your driveway is one of the biggest horizontal surfaces around your home. Our high-pressure spray removes debris from gaps and cracks, powers through moss and motor oil and restores the look of your concrete.
  • Gutters – Your home’s gutter system is critical to managing and redirecting the water that runs off your roof. Gutters should be cleaned at least once a year, even more if trees surround your home. When leaves, twigs, and other materials build up, they provide an inviting home for rodents and insects. Damp debris keeps water from draining and can become so heavy that gutters pull away from your home. Instead of spending your day on a ladder, let our experts wash away buildup.

YardDoc provides professional service and personal care. Contact us for a free quote today.

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